Photo by Bethanie Hines Photography

Photo by Bethanie Hines Photography

Jordan Scruggs, Owner


Residing in their home state of Tennessee, Jordan Scruggs is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community and strives to forever bring hope and change for the current and next generation of dreamers.

Being heavily involved with politics, civil rights, and activism, their personal story has been featured in The New York Times and GLAAD online segments. Involvement with The Trevor Project also led to them the honor of delivering that story at their Trevor Live event in 2013.

Jordan proudly writes with Echoing Ida. As a community and statewide activist, their  work has been highlighted for LGBTQ activism with MTV’s Logo Young Trailblazer Award and America Reframed. This past November, Jordan had their work highlighted by Organizing For Action and was able to introduce President Obama.

With their passion being in communications and connecting with the world around them, they’re honored to have participated in events such as SPARK: Fyre Media Camp, The Trevor Project's Youth Advisory Council, local and national political campaigns and hopes to be active for a better tomorrow for a very long time.

With a diverse  history as a creator, communicator and developer Jordan is motivated to develop personal skills and grow professionally while making an impact on the community around them. A strong background in politics,   communications, and nonprofit organizations, has filled them with a hope for a more inclusive and better tomorrow.