"Nina Revisited...A Tribute to Nina Simone" by various artists

When you’re on a plane that has access to free music and that music is something that’s on your list because it contains a tribute and tracks from your favorite, you take a listen. The shuffle is on. Nothing is in order. Nothing has been edited. Let’s go.

"Blue" by DijahSB

I've never heard anyone in music talk so blatantly and honestly about being Black and living with depression.

Trigger warning: depression & talks of suicide.

"The Life of Paublo" - Kanye West

I honestly can’t believe I’m listening to this album. After he got into another twitter rant about how he was the greatest and how Amber Rose was indeed his ex and a stripper, I said I was done with him.

Then someone told me about Ultralight Beam and how it had Kirk Franklin on it. That made no sense to me. So with the hopes of a new Queen B album I downloaded Tidal. Once I realized it wasn’t happening I listened to Kanye’s new album so you wouldn’t have to.

Here’s my live review and first thoughts as I listened to the track.

Ps. Tidal you get a point for having A Preacher’s Wife available because Spotify doesn’t have it.