The Review: Janelle Monae´ Electricity

Take the wheel Musical Jesus. 

Because this album has all the heavenly things I needed and more.

Prince. Solange. Erykah Badu. Miguel. Esperanza Spalding.

This albums proves why Janelle Monáe is the most underrated artist in the music industry. 


Remember how when Michael Jackson started to weld and create ridiculously (often insanely) good songs that were Rock, Pop, and somehow R&B all at the same time?

She's done the exact same thing with R&B, Rock, and Electronic.

JanelleMonae´ Electric Lady

I'm going to go by song and tell you what I think. It'll be out of order because that's how I roll and it's all beauty so it doesn't really matter.

Look Into My Eyes: Pure beauty. As in her vocals are just on point just from the jump in this song. Very calm and relaxed vibe but the vocals are so powerful that they put you in a mesmerized state of curiosity that you feel like the song has you on a journey of some sort. 

Electric Lady: Sassy. Flirty. Catching. Empowering. I am obsessed. One of my favorites with an intensely fun and amazing dance vibe to it. But it takes it beyond that with the vocals and the lyrics. Definitely an ode to women everywhere.

Given Em What They Love: Basically it's exactly what the title says. I love this song. She gave me a funky rock blues R&B song with Prince where he says "chickenheads". It's 100% attitude. 100% sass. 100% sexy. What more could I want in a song?

Can't Live Without Your Love: Her love ballad. The music and background vocals are so good I can't get over it. The hook just draws you in and makes you want to sway with whoever it is that you're head over heals with. She croons her way and adds touches of scatting and other jazz tones to set the mood for a classic love ballad.

The Overtures and Interludes: The introduce you and carry you on from one song to the next so you never get out of the groove she's put you in. Each one is different, sweet, and complex enough to not over do it, but to show that she's put heart into every part of this album. Even the parts without lyrics.

Dance Apocalyptic: Pure dance fun. That's all I have to say. It seems like I have nothing to say. But that's just what this song is. It's fun. It's perfect to just have in the background playing at a party. The one liners can catch the attention of the attendees and make them ask, "Wait what did I just hear?...Play it again..."

Dorothy Dandridge Eyes: I can't even begin to start with this one. The funk. The guitars. The lyrics. The metaphors. The melodies. No it's one of my favorites and I can't even put into words how much everything was just in sync and together and perfect.

It's Code and Ghetto Woman: The stunners of the group. I felt like I was back in the early days of The Jackson 5 and songs from Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life. It's Code made me imagine Janelle as some type of android bellbottom group with the band/background singers swaying in the back. Ghetto Woman. Whoo. Called out everyone and spoke the truth. To all the women who have been slandered and been accused of being ratchet and nothing but "ghetto" this is the anthem for you. 


Primetime: Miguel is right there beside Janelle when it comes to being underrated. That being said...Miguel and Janelle should do songs together for the rest of time. Ugh. It was so smooth. It was so sexy. It was so tender. It was so electrifying. It was so everything. Best duet I've heard in R&B featuring opposite sexes in years. Definitely a love song for those of you in need of a really romantic sexy beat to enjoy with someone special.

Victory: This is on my Self Care list. "You must find glory in the little things...There's no greater love...It's the little things." How true is that? Just putting that out there for the moment. It's mostly drums and vocals. It's the song that gets the soldiers confident and marching and motivated to conquer whatever is going on. But damn. It's so good. Her vocals are so rich and just carry you through.

Sally Ride: Pure Rock and R&B. I can't even describe fully how much I fell for this song. I honestly felt like I was buckled into a rocket and taken on an actual ride out of this world. 

Q.U.E.E.N.: This being the first released song off of this album let me know that this entire album was going to change 2013 for the better. It's catchy. It's real. It's basically everything I wanted to say about society but didn't know how to in under 5 minutes.


What An Experience: Snaps. I'm giving poetical snaps for this track because it was another ballad of love. But it was entirely different. It's like a bittersweet kiss goodbye to a good time had by all. It has a bit of a reggae/island beat at one point. There's some beautiful horns that come in near the end that blend perfectly with her vocals (but then what doesn't...) till they both just fade out...and the album ends.


It's taken me an hour to write this because I'm so busy replaying all the songs at least three times to get the real feel for all of them. Get the emotions. Get the cultural references. Get the entire package that this New Goddess of Music has given to us. It's beauty and respect for women of color, women of the past and the present. It's for the lovers. It's for the fighters in the court, in the streets, in the soul. It's for everyone. 

If you don't check out this album when it comes out September 10, I can guarantee you're going to be missing out on one of, if not the, best album of 2013.